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Tuesday, 17 March 2020


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I simply just started by watching Sun in 9th house which is my placement and i was quite shocked that she could tell so much about me just by one planet placement and without even seeing my whole chart … i was really impressed by that ….. i have a collection of horoscopes which is my hobby then i took it out and matched her views what she says in videos with the horoscopes i was really amazed that she was able to define each person so accurately ….. then i decided that i should take consultation from her … she did gave me consulation and i must say she was very spot on … she could even say just by seeing chart what even ur closest people will not know abt u ……was very satisfied with her consultation and anybody who wants a precise consultation should contact her as i did ….  Akhil Nair
Watched your videos of moon in 6th house and sun in 9th house. These are my placements and i could relate to so many things which you described. Keep sharing your knowledge.  ….  Shwetanshu Srivastava 

I have derived great benefit and help from your readings and I hope to continue to do so. Astrology is a great science and I think you have mastered it... Manimala Yadav

It is effective, & useful. Remedies are simple to perform. Details are monitored closely for remedies. Its nice to join here.. Nikhil Rai Nikk

Accurate prediction Highly recommended Astrologer... Sudeep Sinha

Highly Recommended Blessed Astrologer personality with Divine Attire!! .. Sumit K Bhaatt

Hats off to your reading and they are so accurate. It was really helpful, the way you interpret things so easily and giving deep insight of life through this divine knowledge.
Highly recommended.
Thanks a lot for giving me your time... Vishal Rastogi

She is calm, helping nature and having good knowledge of astrology...she has give me exact few remedies after analyze my chart. She is genuine. I wish a bright future ahead.. thanks
warm regards.. Vandna Kashyap

Thanks Shiv Astrology fr telling me about my life including both future and past.. 😊.. Shivam Diwan

Thank u dear for ur valueable time n readings..have a very vast knowledge n provides precise predictions... i wish u all d best...go ahead .... Gitika Adhikari

Concise and precisely to the point. Best part she doesn't rush things to conclusion..Praveen Kumar

Thanks to Pankhuri ji..for analysis of my birth chart and giving valuable suggestions ...Viru Rathod

I have taken the predictions from pankhuri what i found that the girl is having a depth, knowledge in astrology.
People can surely relay on her for prediction... Ameya Sharma

She gave simple solutions for my problems and predicted some date..she has a good knowledge of astrology and I hope from her solutions will benefit.. Asshok D Mittal

Thank you Pankhuri Verma mam for your time and helpful reading... No one knows about future but some get blessings from the god and i guess u are one of them.... Helps others in making their ways... Thank you so much and bless you 🙏

Thank you so much ma'am for your valuable reading. It's so accurate for me n my life situations. You have good knowledge of astrology n palmistry sciences. It's a precious gift of god for helping n guiding people in trouble. Keep the good work going. Thanks a lot once again. Stay blessed ! ☺

Hi mam thank you very much for my daughter career guidance. It's so nice..again thanks and also tell that being a a daughter.. You are the best astrologer. Singer,as it's lead our society that beti bachhavo, beti padhvo..activity of our great PM narendra modijiji theory... Keep it up....I pray God as fulfilment of your dram and life ,,I also thankful of your parents as you are being a beti..fame and goodluck of your parents...jai sainath... Zinkle Limbad 

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Whatever she told me was accurate, and all her remedies were very effective. I was told that I was manglik by another astrologer, so I had to consult an astrologer for foretelling my future. She took my birth date and told me all the major things about my personal and health life. She has prescribed me certain solutions and they all have helped me improve a lot in controlling my anger, and in dealing with my professional as well as personal life. I received perfect advice from her and I found her charges completely worth it !! .. deepak

Satisfied with her services ____ had consulted her on the phone for my family...she listened to my concerns actively..made me feel comfortable.. And advised me affordable and effective remedies..and I can see the improvement already..the prices are also very affordable and lower than other astrologers.. Would certainly recommend her !! .. sakshi

She is such a nice person who guided me well...I felt at ease when I discussed all my problems with her...She used Kundli method for making predictions. I found her charges really reasonable as well...Her dedication and vast knowledge are the reasons why I hired her in the first place... sankalp
She is a genuine astrologer who always makes accurate predictions using Kundli method... I have taken consultation regarding career and education. I found her suggestions really helpful ...Thanks a lot :) .. shikha

Pankhuri Verma is a very gud astrologer...She gives concrete predictions and advice...she doesn't force anyone to do anything like to sell his gems and stones and all that...Stop relying on fake astrologers...if you genuinely need some advice on any issues...go to Pankhuri Verma.....Best Astrolger .. Sakshi suri

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Tuesday, 11 December 2018

Venus in Aquarius

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Such natives prefer unconventional relationships. They will frequently operate a lot better when they do not feel restricted by stereotypes and this is why they will not like those types of bonding that make a relationship official. Planning in the long-term make them feel pressured.Venus in aquarius native accepts his partner the way he is and is usually attracted exactly to that real self. When they have a lover  they first feel him as a friend. As friends show their real face more easily than lovers. Due to this placement there is the possibility of making their higher dreams come true. As Aquarius is ruling the 11th house, which is responsible for desires whose success is beyond our imagination.The benefic planet Venus can gift more than a bunch of luck concerning these matters. This placement also favors all type of groups and organizations.For discussing something with them you can plan trips to the library, science museums, art exhibits etc. As gifts you can buy them only the newest, most advanced technological gadgets. To attract such a person be diffrent from everybody else in a group as they are also unique,Let them know that you appreciate their uniqueness. Never say them that you are normal or boring.Venus in Aquarius natives get crushes easily  true love can be a bit more challenging. Venus in Aquarius people get noticed because they are offbeat. They stand up for the right thing and people respect them for this.Having a strong intellectual connection with their friends and lover are very important for such individuals. They prefer to avoid intense emotional attachments because of the restrictions these impose on their freedom. They want such partners who will allow them plenty of personal spacea nd in turn they’re exceptionally tolerant and undemanding towards their lovers.

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Tuesday, 4 December 2018

Venus in Capricon

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 Before going into a relation Venus in Capricorn native will first observe the other person and his behavior and even impose tests to discover the other person’s reaction. They will not rush to commit but in case they do it, they expect loyalty and a long-lasting relationship. With such a placement expect emotions to be rather diminished. Capricorn Venus people usually are not romantic preferring to stick to more realistic parts of a relationship.Such natives may be attracted to people that are older than him. They cant stand persons who are overly-sensitive and whose mood is always fluctuating. They like when the other person is well-organised and has stable routines in their daily life. They are not skilled at expressing their emotions, but that doesn't mean they haven't got any. They are very loving and caring people, but they hide it better than any other sign. Venus in Capricorn person needs material wealth and status to feel safe and secure. They may choose to marry someone who is from a high status or financialy strong . They are reserved in public, but can be quite affectionate in private. They are loyal to those they love and live up to their responsibilities.  They are a little old-fashioned and they would like nothing better than to settle down and have a family of their own.People are attracted to Venus in Capricorn people because there is something soulful about them. This is made even more attractive because of the mystery created by their close guarding of their privacy. They don't just sit back and watch, they get up and do.Such natives wants to help their friends be successful in the world. They are dependable and expect their friends to be as responsible as they are. 

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Friday, 30 November 2018

Venus in Sagittarius

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Venus in Sagittarius natives cant stand pressure and pessimism. They get disheartened by partners who  over analyze details and dnt like being criticized too. According to them any problems in a relationship can be solved by doing new things rather than fighting over misunderstandings. Venus in Sagittarius natives are quite childish and clumsy in their love-life. For such individuals feeling committed can make them feel rather restrained. So it is better  not to try to put labels and words on a relation, which makes them comfortable.They need space and freedom to be happy. When they are upset one has to take them seriously.  One can debate with them happily  but never criticize what they believe in. They are easygoing people and blunt too.They make friends everywhere they go, and they are likely to have a worldwide network of people they know. They don't need a lot of emotional attachment to their friends and other relationships.Sagittarius Venus native is happy entertaining, telling stories, performing in theatre, music or comedy. They can become great teachers and their students love them too because of their talents combining the intellectual with humor.Dependability and commitment are two words which may not be this Venus types , but one quality they possess is their highly principled approach to love. Deceit, betrayal, or hypocrisy are not the words for these individuals and if any friend or lover behaves unethically  they  instantly lose their admiration and respect for them. 

For professional astrological consultation contact astrologer Pankhuri Verma.

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Friday, 23 November 2018

Venus in Scorpio

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If their attention becomes fixed on a person or any object that they desire, they will do anything to get it and will feel that they possess it. When they develop an obsession for someone, it will usually last for long. Such natives should be careful when they have difficult aspects in their natal charts, especially connected with malefic planets such as Mars and Saturn. Their affection towards a person may become toxic, causing fights and stress. In extreme situations, if a relationship does not function well it may bring up emotions such as extreme jealousy and revengeful behaviours. Venus in scorpio natives are strongly attracted towards the occult, magic and mysteries. They love reading about the dark arts and exercise them too. If Venus in Scorpio is well aspected then the native can be very lucky in the life area that the sign of Scorpio rules. But if any malefic aspects this person may complicate his love-life through sexually intense yet toxic relationships.This Venus doesn’t want a partner, she wants a soulmate she wants all of you for herself. Venus in Scorpio woman will be incredibly sexually magnetic. They tend to keep a very natural look and usually don’t wear a lot of makeup. They may like to dress in dark clothing. Such woman whose venus in scorpio dont have many friends. They like to stick to themselves and the people they trust the most.They are very loyal to their friends. They are always honest and will always have their back in a caring and supportive way. They can be great advisors also.If such natives are upset they can either explode with anger or make you wish you were dead by the look they give you. They are not afraid to manipulate a situation as they get bored in a regular day-to-day relationship.Venus in Scorpio native is very when meeting new people. They take opportunity to observe someone they are interested in several times before meeting them.

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Thursday, 22 November 2018

Venus in Libra

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Venus Libra is a demanding lover.Venus Libra native attracts alertness. Libra is Venus's own sign so here venus is comfortable. Looks are very important to them.Such natives are strong-willed and have a cardinal edge. They are socially aggressive and use their charm and magnetism to steer things their way.Such natives feel like they're walking on air and are in the mood for romance. Compatible elements for such natives are fire and air.Venus in Libra people will do good  in occupations connected to any type of diplomacy. They have special powers of softening differences between opposite sides and blunting any possible harsh reactions.They can be called as a peacemaker. This natal placement is wonderful for public relations. As Venus and Libra means beauty and balance any job connected to those will also be perfect like area of cosmetics, clothes ,jewelry or general well-being.  It is also indicates good marriage, especially in a woman’s chart as it can mean taking care of her partner as the main purpose of her life. Venus in libra individual will even open a business together with his beloved one. They are not the  most decisive people. Venus in libra native has enormous capacities of feelings, and romance seems more important than food for them. Venus in Libra person loves to share but if someone is being rude it turns them off. When a relationship is unbalanced they will become unhappy. Venus in Libra native can be superficial and lack clear personal values. Disagreements can make them physically ill or nervous. They fall in love easily and dont wait for the right person. They may be good at writing, acting, making speeches, sales or business. If you want to attract such natives be well-mannered and well dressed. Be good to all you come across. Don't be arrogant. They will definitely do compromises to make relationship balanced but you also have to do the same for good married life and always treat them well.

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